Promoting the collection and preservation of antique fishing tackle and memorabilia

CATC By-Laws

I. Organization Name
The name of the organization shall be Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors, also known as CATC.

II. Establishment and Ratification
These Bylaws shall take effect upon ratification by simple majority of the members of the Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors, hereinafter also referred to as the "Organization", who are voting and entitled to vote at the fall show of the Organization in 2002.

III. Purpose
The Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors is a non-profit, educational organization. The Organization was formed to enhance and promote the collection, preservation, and knowledge of antique and old fishing tackle and memorabilia, to provide a channel of communication for collectors in the region, and to promote interest in the hobby through public exhibits where appropriate.

IV. Membership and Dues

  1. Active membership shall be open to all persons with an expressed interest in the purposes of the Organization as detailed in Article III.
  2. Membership shall extend to the primary member, the spouse of the member, and any of their unmarried children who are under the age of 18 years. Each family membership shall be entitled to a single vote in any election. Either the primary member or the spouse must cast the vote.
  3. Dues for active members shall be $20.00 (U.S.) per year, due annually on the 1st day of January.
  4. The amount of dues may be changed as deemed necessary and approved by majority vote of the Club Officers.

V. Business Meetings
Official business of the Club, including any changes in Bylaws, rules, policies, and procedures, shall be conducted at a meeting scheduled in conjunction with the semiannual collector exhibits sponsored by the Organization, so that all members shall have an opportunity to participate, except for administrative responsibilities of the officers of the Club pertaining to the ordinary operations of club functions.

VI. Officers
Officers of the Organization are established as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer. Any active Club member in good standing may hold office. These Officers shall constitute the Board.

VII. Election of Officers and Term of Office
Officers shall be elected by a simple majority of all members voting at the Club's business meeting conducted during the fall exhibit. Term of office is two years. Elections for President and Secretary/Treasurer shall be conducted on odd numbered years only. Election for Vice President shall be conducted on even numbered years only. Though not an Officer of the Club, elections for Editor of the Club Newsletter will be conducted on even numbered years also. An officer may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Board if he or she is deemed to be ineffective or engages in conduct inconsistent with the goals and purposes of the Organization or these Bylaws. In that event, the remaining officers may choose an interim replacement, and a permanent replacement will be chosen in a special election, which will be conducted at the next Club business meeting.

VIII. Board Responsibilities
The Board shall manage the Organization's affairs and activities in a fiscally sound and responsible manner; shall establish Club policies, rules and guidelines; shall sponsor, sanction and support all of the Organization's activities in a timely manner; shall respect the intentions, wishes and best interests of the membership, and shall abide by these Bylaws whenever applicable. It is a primary responsibility of the Club to promote and host collector exhibits on a semiannual basis. The Board shall determine the dates of those exhibits and the locations thereof in a timely manner so that all members will have sufficient notice to make plans to participate. In addition, the Board shall organize, host, direct, sponsor, sanction, and publicize such membership activities as the Board deems necessary in keeping with the wishes and best interest of the membership.

IX. Secretary / Treasurer's Reports
The Secretary/Treasurer shall compile minutes of the Club meetings and provide copies of same to all who request them, and shall present a financial report of the status of any and all assets and obligations of the Club at each scheduled business meeting of the Club or of the Board. These reports shall be available to all members upon request. A detailed report of the Organization's financial condition and activities will appear in the first Club Newsletter of the year. The President may request such a report at any time and the Treasurer shall comply with such a request within fourteen (14) calendar days.

X. Amendments
Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed by any member in good standing and must be offered in writing to the Board at any scheduled Club business meeting. Any proposed amendment must be considered and accepted by a majority vote of the Board prior to presentation at the next scheduled Club business meeting. A two-thirds vote in favor of the proposed amendment must be received from the members voting at the Meeting for the proposal to become part of the Bylaws.

XI. Ethics
Members of the CATC are subject to the Bylaws of the Organization and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which is consistent with the expressed purpose of the Organization. It is not the intention or within the powers of the Board to enter into arbitration or otherwise interfere in the private dealings between members, or between members and the general public-at-large. However, the Board may act to revoke or suspend membership when it finds that a member has violated the rules of the Organization or broken any civil or criminal laws that apply in the place where the law was broken. Any member so affected shall have the right to be heard on appeal by the Board before notification of the Board's action to suspend is published in the Organization's Newsletter. Any request for a hearing of appeal must be received by the President in writing within fifteen (15) days after written notification was properly mailed, by U.S. mail, with return receipt requested, to the person whose membership was suspended or revoked. A request for appeal shall include a statement of the basis of the appeal and be sent by U.S. mail, certified, with return receipt requested, to the President of the Club. A physical convening of the Board shall not be required in order to hear any appeal. Policies relevant to semiannual collector exhibits are addressed in Appendix I.

XII. Newsletter and Roster
The Organization will publish a directory on an annual basis of member names and addresses and distribute said directory to all members in good standing. The Organization will also publish a Newsletter on a quarterly basis. The purpose of the Newsletter will be to communicate news of club activities, meetings, exhibits, and other information consistent with the purposes of the Organization as defined in Article III of these Bylaws. The Newsletter may also contain paid advertising in order to raise funds for the maintenance and operation of the Organization. Such advertising must be of general interest to the membership and comply with the purposes of the Organization as is written in Article III of these Bylaws. The advertising may have a commercial intent if it otherwise complies with this paragraph. No person, regardless of the office they may hold, if any, may use any official publication of the Organization to promote any personal point of view regarding any matter that is being considered by the Board in the future; nor to take issue with any decision of the Board; nor to defame any person or organization inside or outside of the Organization. The information contained in any of the Organization's publications is for the exclusive use of the Organization and its membership. No one may reproduce or sell any such information (except the authors of said information) without the express written consent of the Board. Minor excerpts from articles may be quoted without consent if proper credit is given to the Organization and the author.

XIII. Use of the Organization's Name
No person shall utilize the Organization's name, symbol or trademark for any purpose, but particularly for profit-making purposes without the express approval of the Board. The penalty for a member violating this Article shall be: 1st. violation = a six (6) month suspension, 2nd. violation = revocation of membership. The rules concerning notification and appeal contained in Article XI shall apply to this Article.

XIV. Dissolution of the Organization
In the event the Organization dissolves, the total cash assets, minus all current debts of the Organization, shall be donated to the Salvation Army charity. No member shall have any claim to these assets. All current debts shall be satisfied prior to the donation to the Salvation Army charity.


Appendix I - Exhibit Policies

  1. You must be a member in good standing of the Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors In order to display or sell at a Club exhibit. Participation may require payment of certain fees for admission and table rental as determined by the exhibit host.
  2. Members of the public may be admitted as Guests of the Club by paying the appropriate Guest admission fee. Guests are not allowed to bring items into exhibits for sale to individual club members.
  3. Guests may elect to have their items appraised by the Club and to consign those items to an auction. The Guest has the right to set a reserve price on any items consigned to the auction and also has the right to decline to sell their item, depending on the price realized. Guests must agree to pay a 10% seller's premium to the Club for all items that are actually sold.
  4. Club members are not allowed to buy any items from non-members at a Club sponsored exhibit. This rule applies inside the exhibit facility, the parking lots, overnight rooms, etc.
  5. The Carolina Antique Tackle Collectors believes that repaints and reproductions are inconsistent with the purposes of the Organization and harmful to the collecting hobby. Repaints, marked or unmarked, may not be sold at any CATC sanctioned exhibit. Repaints may be displayed, but only as part of an educational exhibit and only if prominently labeled as being repaints. Reproductions may not be sold at any CATC sanctioned exhibit. Reproductions are defined as items that are made by someone other than the original maker of the item and are intended to appear identical, nearly identical, or extremely similar to the original item. An exception is made for commercially manufactured items that are produced and distributed by companies who have legal trademark and/or patent rights to produce and distribute such products. If any said items are found displayed or for sale at a CATC sanctioned exhibit, the person possessing said item(s) will be asked to remove them from sight and will be given a warning against future infractions. Refusal to comply or a second offense may result in the individual being permanently denied the privilege of having display tables at future CATC exhibits.
  6. You can not bid on your own items in any auction conducted by the CATC. You are also not allowed to have others bid on your behalf (shill bid).
  7. Enforcement of the rules contained in this Appendix shall be by majority vote of a committee comprised of any Board members present at the exhibit and the host(s) of the exhibit.

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